Morpho Tower / A magnetic fluid breathing in a spiral tower

A projection emerges from the surface; many spikes protrude and gather as if they are alive.....
Black liquid that reacts to magnetic flux: when I saw this material for the first time, I found its strange shapes and movements very puzzling. It may have looked familiar to people used to watching morphing computer graphics and hyper-realistic virtual images that exist in only mathematical form. However, these phenomena were appearing right there in front of me in the real world.

Still, a magnetic fluid can't be manipulated as freely as computer graphics. Its forms cannot contradict the physical laws of magnetism and gravity. I often marvel at how the shapes created in this magnetic fluid resemble plant or animal forms.

What does this seem like?..... A water lily?
What does the shape of these thorns remind you of ?..... A hedgehog?

I have created various works using magnetic fluids, continuing the dialog between material and image.

The gushing movement of the liquid makes it seem living, dynamic, and sometimes almost violently erotic.
I am fascinated by these forms, so I am always trying to draw out the maximum allure of the material itself - its characteristics as a physical substance.

Anyone can make a moving, interactive figure - a beautiful artifact which has never been seen before.
I feel as if I am at the gateway to an entirely unknown continent.

Sachiko Kodama


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